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I am a Professor of Religious Studies at St. Thomas Aquinas College.

Only With His Eye Lasers

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Religious Essentialism

I spend a good bit of time in my courses trying to disrupt religious essentialism: the idea that all practitioners in a religious tradition share some essence, that such an essence determines their behavior, or that their beliefs are the … Continue reading

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Standards and Censorship

The recent discussion in the blog-o-sphere about Roland Boer’s controversial SBL paper title (see Deane Galbraith’s recent Bulletin post for the details) raises important questions about what sort of professional standards scholars should strive towards. Standards are both necessary and … Continue reading

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Two Maps

I came across two maps today. The first one is a joke; it’s titled “Europe according to the United States of America”: As far as I can tell this map is designed to poke fun at and expose American stereotypes … Continue reading

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Situating Islam: An Interview with Aaron W. Hughes

Aaron W. Hughes received his Ph.D. at Indiana University only 10 years ago; since then he has been nothing short of prolific. The books to his name include The Texture of the Divine (Indiana University Press, 2003), Jewish Philosophy A-Z … Continue reading

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Neutrality in the Classroom

A friend of mine recently shared this Chronicle story on Facebook. In this piece, Professor Timothy Hill explains why he refused to tolerate what he saw as a bigoted student opinion. While I don’t agree with everything Hill writes, I … Continue reading

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September Issue Now Online

The September issue of the Bulletin is now available online! You can find it here. There are articles on biblioblogging by Jim West, James McGrath, Robert Cargill, Roland Boer, and James Crossley. In addition, there is a follow up by … Continue reading

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